Learn about the most basic, and the most misunderstood human ability and skill, and how to develop and exercise it.

Creativity is more than often associated with expressions that involve storytelling, creating visuals, etc. But creativity is not limited to just that. This fundamental ability and skill is the cornerstone of human evolution. This ability brought man out of caves to build giant structures, made the man discover how to use rotation for his benefit and invented the wheel, made him to discover fire and invented locomotive engines, invented currency, systems of government, law, GPS, Windows Desktop Interface, Facebook... everything you see around you.

In this seminar, we will discuss “what creativity is”, “what limits creativity”, “the concept of limit”, “convergent and divergent thinking”, along with tests that will help to measure your creative skills to date, and “how to enhance your creative abilities”. We will talk about “objective reality”, “logic”, and we will do some mental exercises to stretch your vision and concepts.

This seminar will empower your mind to think far away from the box. It will enable you to think about stories to tell, visuals to design, and expand your imagination. It is being offered at an introductory price in Karachi.

The seminar will be conducted by Shahjahan Akber. He is an independent trainer and consultant with over a decade of professional experience of creative pursuits that involve but are not limited to motion pictures, documentaries, short films, story writing, photography, communication design, and product design. His domain of expertise include communications, design, journalism, management skills, career and academic counselling.

CONNEKT - RJ Mall, Rashid Minhas Road - 1st February, 2020
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