We all as individuals have different skills, social histories and experiences, professional skills, and academic qualifications. Some of us offer our services to others for money, which is our right. But some of us are passionate not for monetary gains. We want to impart knowledge and skills not for money but for causes which are bigger than ourselves. But because of having no organized platform to excersice this passion, our enthusiasm just whithers away with time. And with the passage of time, we just become cynical that nothing good is happening around us. It is a vicious cycle.

PakSchools is creating a platform where we all as Pakistanis, may come together and communicate with each other and educate each other about whatever we want to be educated for. Basically, lets teach skills and impart knowledge to whoever desires to learn.

That’s an extremely summarized version of the idea. You may say that we’re trying to create a real-world network of Pakistanis who want to make the educational sector better.

The network would consist of schools/colleges/universities/coaching centers/skill dev centers, professionals from both educational and non-educational sectors, scientists, students, parents and guardians of students, teachers, van drivers, uniform makers, the state bureaucracy, law enforcement agencies… I hope you get the picture.

If you want to know more, please ask.

Please feel free to contact us or if you’re in Karachi, come see us. If you would rather read a published introduction, please download this booklet:

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