Our apologies for the delay in execution of PakSchools and the Karachi Video Speech competition.

A few months back, after the competition had been announced; our website and database was affected due to an unwanted migration of the hosting service. The result was an almost total loss of records and files. It was a highly undesirable and an unfortunate event. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. We specially apologize to the participants of the Karachi Video Speech competition.

The past few months were spent in rebuilding the website, recovering as much records, and an efficient way of creating backups. And just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, our team has built a better platform from what remained after the loss.

With the grace of God, PakSchools’ website http://pakschools.net is now online again.

With PakSchools, we aspire:
• to bring together the fragmented educational sector,
• to help in improving the structure of education,
• to bring all stakeholders of the educational industry on a common platform,
• to promote talent, and to encourage enthusiasm to learn

We will never be able to do that alone and we will need your help.

Let us come together to build a better future for our children…

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