The fundamental aim of journalism is reporting news and to make people aware and to keep them well informed about their surrounding and real world. But there are always two sides of a coin or we can say everything holds something good or bad. So the second side of journalism is yellow journalism. The negative side of journalism.

Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensation and attract readers/viewers. It is the type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. In today’s world, yellow journalism has became a common trend as the media organizations always try to create a hype even to those matters that hold no importance at all. Have you ever stood in the check out line at the grocery store and read through the front-page headlines of the magazines on the shelf? Many of these eye-catching headlines seem unbelievable, but they probably peak your curiosity enough to make you want to look inside and read more. That is what the magazine publishers hope you’ll do, at least. This type of reporting is known as yellow journalism.

The primary objective of media is to make people aware of the happening at national and international level while remaining impartial. But these days, media is being used by a few people for their personal gains on the cost of national interest. Media is not playing his role in the true sense of journalism as almost every channel is supporting someone in order to fulfill some hidden agendas. Corruption has became prevalent part of media. Thus, there is low trust in media and journalist. It is regrettable that techniques of yellow journalism are still being applied.

The curse of yellow journalism is increasing day by day. Media is known as the fourth pillar of a state. It has the power to shape our minds. It creates awareness among the masses. It is a source of entertainment to us. It has influenced our lives in so many ways. But unfortunately, the impact is not always positive. We daily open television to watch news which is essential for our growth but we end up watching the news related to celebrities. Their affairs and their break-ups. The yellow journalists want their news to be more attractive as to gain more audience for their channel, but while doing this, they give an unnecessary importance to an event, or a person. In my view, it is the high time to hold media responsible for wrong reporting. Yellow journalism is harmful for nation, democracy and people’s right. It is the job of journalists to seek the truth.

The fascination of yellow journalism has attracted many criminals and corrupt people towards journalism. Now, the honest people of press are being seen as useless people but yellow journalists are being counted efficient persons. Media should follow the true spirit of journalism and should remain impartial in every matter. Media is supposed to work in a neutral way which is its basic element. Media can not and should not hold the nation to ransom.

Journalist should use their power in a constructive way. They ought to be fully aware of their duties and must consider their profession as a mission rather than a business. Our media has bloomed very fast but it needs to learn a a lot of things even now. We should disgrace yellow journalism if we want to see our respected countries prosperous.

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