Handwriting is one of the most complex skills that the humans posses, it however needs to be developed and this is the tricky part!

Let’s try to explore and understand the factors that influence hand writing development. It is said to be a Psycho-motor skill. This means that a person’s psyche and the command over motor skills i.e. muscles of hand; both are involved here.You must have heard of “Hand Writing Analysts” or Graphologists as the profession is called, the people who are specially trained to identify behavior/psychological issues being faced by a person; on the basis of their hand writing.

Psychological Aspect:
It is said that “Hand Writing bears the burden of Life”. No two people can produce exact same handwriting even the same person cannot exactly copy their own hand writing over the period of time. Whatever a person is feeling; the calmness or chaos that they are facing, are all reflected in their handwriting. Consider these few aspects before starting on a handwriting improvement spree with your child.

Analyze the amount of pressure, this means how “dark/light” or “forcefully/forcelessly” the child writes, a confident person will write with a higher degree of “force” hence creating a darker mark on paper, however this may even be due to a lack of motor skill development as well, here you as a parent, are the best judge! Observe the slant of your child’s handwriting, a rightward slant is sign of an introverted person, a leftward slant represents a more extroverted child and an upright font depicts a person with higher degree of self-control. Study the baseline of the writing, an upward moving baseline indicates a happy mood, and a downward moving baseline indicates a sadness, haphazard movements may be due to any sort of anxiety, mood swing or attention deficiency. Some people tend to write in “Hurry” their letters are not formed properly, word or letters seem to have been skipped, and the writing seems to be in a speed, most parents get offended with this style of script, however, it is the sign of a highly developed mind; a mind that is processing so fast that the hand cannot keep up with it! The size of font, if large and loose indicates a relaxed state of mind and if too compact or too tight indicates stress.

Whichever trait you might desire for your child, do understand that you have to accept the nature of your child and facilitate them without being obsessed with any trait of your preference.

The process of improving one’s handwriting can facilitate brain training, it can help the brain to clam down a bit, specially in a situation where you see chaos in the handwriting, and feel that your child has attention issues, I would suggest you to begin with the writing of LOH-E-QURAANI, as was done during the golden age of Muslims, this will calm the mind down and these words have various curved and linear shapes that will be easy enough for the kids and will facilitate motor development too. Start with paints and brush, then markers and then pencil.

Let the kids exercise and relax to relive stress, talk to teens and pre-teens to help them vent out inhibitions and stresses. Start with small sessions and then move to more elaborate, long, and complex sessions. Let them explore various fonts of English and Urdu to identify the font that they are most comfortable with, this selection will be in sync with their natural psyche, therefore refrain from imposing upon them a font of your choice. (please!!)

Motor Skill Aspect:
Some children have underdeveloped muscles of hand and hence their handwriting suffers, yet others have nerve issues, where the jerky electrical signals from nerves, make the hand unstable and handwriting suffers. Look and notice, if there is a small slight depression in the center of the palm of your child’s hand. This indicates developed muscles if it is not present start with sewing and weaving activities. This is very common in young kids. Give the kids some big beads and strings to make bracelets or necklaces or anklets, teach them to make fancy patterns on shoes with shoe laces (there are many videos online). Give a little older kids blunt needles and charsooti cloth (cloth with big weave) let them thread the needle and embroider patterns on cloth. These activities improve concentration as well as eye-hand-coordination, while developing muscles. If you feel that there may be a nervous issue, see a doctor. get medical assistance.

Many a times, the pencils with which we expect our kids to write are too thin and they are unable to hold them properly, go for pencils that are slightly thicker/broader, but not too large in diameter like those giant pencils, and go for crayons or markers for toddlers before pencils as creating a mark on paper using pencil is much difficult as compared to those two. Let them get hooked to the process of writing first through these two colorful mediums, then switch to colored pencils and then to writing pencils. Let them practice the fonts, but please set a time limit so not to overwhelm them, this limit should in consideration with age, temperament and other activities that the kid might want to do.

Do keep in mind that kids need breaks from every activity, and that initial duration should be less and gradually time should be increased. Encouragement on improvement is a MUST! no matter how little or slow the improvement!

Happy Learning! 🙂

Do let me know if you would be interested; if we conduct Handwriting Improvement/ Calligraphy sessions where kids as well as adults could join once a week for may be a month or so to meet and learn? Do leave a feedback about the post and do add parents and teachers from your contacts to the group to share the learning!