Courtesy: ~Mehran Saeed

Pakistan produces approx. 445,000 university graduates per year out of which 8,000 Engineering graduates & 10,000 Computer Science graduates. 1 in 180 persons is enrolled in a University in Pakistan.

A country where more than 60{856c769216780322a53c89c8bb5b69b0fb966347d187725288a79e54db546023} of citizens earn less than $2 a day, its citizens while investing a large proportion of their income into their child’s education, think thrice. From childhood, it is affix in a child’s brain to be a “Bara Admi”. From the first day of KG class, the journey to be the “Bara Admi” starts that ends on the first day in grave.

The traditional sentence is heard many times “Beta CA kar lo, achay paisy atay hain”. The Beta’s natural skills are murdered right on spot uttering this sentence & beta begins to run blindly behind the money. The dream of attaining quality education is followed by market trends and scope of wealth rather than identifying their talents and capitalizing on the areas they were naturally capable of. It is the topmost priority of most of the graduates to never miss the opportunity of getting in foreign frontiers followed by the miserable industry and ineffective market trends. More than 10,000 Pakistani students get a student visa per year as mostly consider going abroad equivalent to going to jannah.

Govt. spends almost Rs 2.5 million on each MBBS student. Unfortunately, after completion of the course 50{856c769216780322a53c89c8bb5b69b0fb966347d187725288a79e54db546023} female medical graduates never worked. Those who want to work try to leave Pakistan and settle abroad, especially in the US, Saudi Arabia. There are around 50,000 to 60,000 medical practitioners against the demand of 600,000 in the country. The point is “what our educational institutions are being producing”?

The entities crazy for GPA & Money always ready to leave Pakistan for more Dollars and Pounds or the ideal patriots always ready to give their services to Pakistan. There is an immense need of counselling at Matriculation & Inter-mediate level to get right use of right thing at right place.

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